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03 March 2021

REMOTE IT - Business Analyst


February 2021. Covid-19 Pandemic.

REMOTE IT - Business Analyst
Task Workflow Optimisation.
Private computer owners with slow-running or faulty devices
contact us for service or advice. We also offer tuition. 

No-Code. Citizen-Development.

  • Services to private users by 'Remote Access' was my main mode of operation for several years - however, the Pandemic (Covid-19) has driven so many employees to work from their homes - my focus has changed accordingly.
  • PaulWADE-PulpKult - has extended services directing focus towards businesses and their employees; those working remotely from home, and those who carry out manual tasks at the companies place of operation.
  • PulpKult's new direction is 'Building Apps,' to help streamline business workflow using 'Citizen-Development' systems, without coding experience, better known as "No-Code App-building. 
  • With the objective of analysing business tasks with a view to digitise and streamline those tasks to save the company time and money. Staff, with experience working those tasks, are best placed to suggest and take part in creating No-Code Apps for the purposes intended.           

  • Collaboration with major platforms in No-Code App-Building, allows us to help businesses and employees to streamline repetitive tasks, use or create DataBases and to involve everyone to find the best use-case system/operation scenarios.
No-Code. Citizen-Development.

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REMOTE IT-Business Analyst
For Task Workflow Optimisation

Anywhere in the World.
(English speaking preferred)


  • Everyone in the world is now painfully aware of the Pandemic. We shall not beat that drum any longer, as We're certain you have heard more than enough already. 

  • We would like to offer ANYONE who is isolated at home with a PC or Laptop that is not running as it should be, a no-strings FREE SERVICE - So that you may join with video-calls on various sites, such as Skype// Messenger// Google-Meet//Etc. Talk with your friends and/or relatives.
  • If you wish to take advantage of our -FREE OFFER- for device services, please contact us soon, so that we may book a convenient time and date with you.

Remote Online Service & Maintenance
Secure Links

For those, not Tech-Savvy. One-on-One Tuition.
Helping you to avoid ongoing computer errors.

Links and offers are all current at the time of writing.
Appointments scheduled will be honoured with 48 hours' notice.

* Remote Secure Connections.
* Person 2 Person. 
* You may be Present Throughout Service.
* Tuition.  Offered To Clients On Request.
* System & Software Analysis.
* The option of New Linux Operating System install.
* Linux Training - for Newbies (Linux Mint)
* Assistance with Add-On Devices (Printer, Audio, Etc.)
* Windows 10. Systems Check, Apps, Up-Dates, Etc. 
Scroll to the bottom of this page to review my Skill-S

Clients Who Have Reached Retirement Age Are Offered,
Tuition - for Windows 10. How-To-Use-Functions.
Partially Sighted - Difficulty Hearing - Colour Blind - Etc.
Functions To Assist Are Installed On April 2019 Versions

Settings Will Be Explained & Follow Up Visits May Be Made.
No Charges For Follow Up Checks. (10. Minute Duration)
Privacy and Courtesy - In Every Case.


This service is offered anywhere in the world. 

Preferably in the English Language 

Or enough English to understand topics.

Each Service Is Personal, One-2-One. 
Connections can ONLY be initiated by YOU, the Client. 

Access Passwords are changed Immediately after the session ends. 
This is an added security measure. 
Ensuring the Client remains in control at all times.

Clients are requested to use PAYPAL for fees & payments.
Alternative arrangements can be established.


Home connections are made exclusively with TeamViewer.


Alternative Operating System

Linux-MINT Home WebSite.

Below, some Skills I have trained in.

PC Repair & Servicing

Key topics PC Components.

         Examine the major components of PC systems. Main features of CPUs         and their associated slots and sockets. Explore memory types and the         various types of expansion buses.

Symbols, Terminology, Ports, and Cables

  • Examine ranges of components, connectors, cables, and ports. Basic mathematical and electrical concepts. Working with Modules

  • Disassemble a PC. Examine the features of the modules. Explore possible sources of faults and discover remedies for these.

Configuration Techniques and Software Solutions

  • Examine the main steps in the configuration. Explore I/O addresses, DMA channels, IRQs, and PnP. Examine issues associated with BIOS and CMOS. Discover, Windows tools, to resolve resource conflicts and other faults.

Installation Procedures

  • Install IDE hard drives, SCSI devices, and partition drives.

Working with Printers, Scanners, and Modems

        Examine different types of printers and for each, explore possible               sources of faults as well as solutions. Identify and correct faults                  associated with scanners. Consider issues associated with modems,             ports, and connections.

Prevention, Maintenance, and Viruses

        Consider a variety of faults/hazards, such as viruses, that may affect            PCs, and (gain the knowledge to advise others on methods of                       prevention.


        Examine components and protocols involved in networks, (discover             how to install those network(s)). Examine hubs and switches, internet-         working and intranet-working, deal with security issues relating to                networks.

Using Multimeters and Tools

        Use of tools, such as nut drivers, pliers, and diagonal cutters. Use                multimeters to solve a variety of different problems.

Practical Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting techniques familiarise with common problems and solutions associated with specific components. Troubleshoot systems including ‘Portable Computing.’

  • Explore problems that arise using solid-state memory devices, and how these problems can be solved. Perform a number of different upgrades on laptops. Hard Disks Theories and Practices

  • Explore DOS, FAT, FAT32, and NTFS. Examine, backing-up hard disk data. Recover data from damaged disks and resurrect system(s) after a hard disk failure

Web Design

Key topics of the Web

  • Explore different types of websites, as well as their typical features, and their purposes. Examine the principles of various website designs. Create interesting website experiences. Consider design constraints. Planning and Designing Website(s).

  • Consideration of the importance of ensuring the website's design also meets the needs and tastes of your target clients. Colour, theory, and basic visual design. Structure website’s effectiveness and designs an easily understandable navigation system.

Preparing Assets for Websites.

  • The use of text, images, animations, videos, and sounds on websites. Considering the importance of using these media carefully and adhering to guidelines for visual layout. Create images with Adobe Photoshop and animations with Adobe Flash. Constructing Websites Principles

  • Construct websites using both HTML and authoring packages, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. Adhere to web standards, to ensure that websites function in a range of browsers. Examine web hosting and processes of publishing websites to servers.

Constructing Websites: Advanced Principles

         Examine additional complex principles of website design. Rollovers,             forms, and cascading style sheets. Develop setting up websites that            accept online payments through PayPal (& others). Optimize websites          for top results in search engines.

Computer Programming

Elements - Computer Programming

        Basics of coding systems. Discovery, computations in binary arithmetic,         and the differences between various number systems. Examine logic           gates and the different types of data representation.

Operating Systems

        Examine different operating systems, how operating systems function.        High-level languages such as COBOL, FORTRAN, and Pascal.

Data Processing and Organisation

  • Examine a variety of methods for data processing. Examine the different checks used in data validation. HTML and JavaScript

  • Create websites using HTML. Use JavaScript to enhance web pages.

Visual Basic

  • Basics of programming in Visual Basic.

Software Testing.

Key topics

  • Fundamentals of Software Testing

  • Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle

  • Static Techniques and Test Design in Software Testing

  • Black-Box Software Testing Techniques

  • White-Box Software Testing Techniques

  • Software Test Management

  • Configuration Management, Risks, and Incidents in Software Testing

  • Tool Support in Software Testing.




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