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18 July 2022

WADE Project

Luceo, non ardeo.

{We Shine, Not Burn.}

There has been a meeting of Minds.
SwissBorg - Exchange.
      •  We are a team of finance and technology experts dedicated to democratising wealth management. We aim to make it fun, fair and community-centric.
      • A marriage between Linux o/s and Cryptocurrency.
      • Linux Users and Developers will all benefit from our new worldwide Project to provide greater support for our hard-working developers and loyal Distro-Users.
      • We will be asking for your help in due course, to build the Finances to enable greater uptake of Linux o/s, and to create interesting financial returns for serious donations into the Linux Developer funds.
      • The future will see a fully supported platform for all new Linux users, for their training and services of educational support. 

Watch Out For the Beginning of:

Linux Developers & Crypto Finance

The value of a network grows alongside the number of users in the network. By attracting new users and decreasing the concentration of CHSB, we will grow the value of our ecosystem exponentially while reducing risk and volatility. The more attractive the CHSB Yield Program is for new investors, the more we can boost CHSB adoption, and the more the ecosystem's value will grow in the long term.

About SwissBorg

 Linux Mint 21.2
Linux Mint 21.1 Winning

Your copy is waiting for you at


An exciting 'Distro.'

SwissBorg is Europe’s trusted, 

secure and reliable crypto platform

  • Pulpkult has joined a Swiss-based Crypto-Exchange, SwissBorg, to grow and help fund the Linux Developers, who are constantly working hard to make Linux Distros the fabulous operating system it is - and to make it the best it can be.

* Why join up with Crypto? A fair question. PulpKult is not making short-term or speculative placements. We make investments long-term in ONLY three ways. The main investment is Bitcoin. The original and number one Coin. Ethereum is also a Swiss-based POS system on Blockchain.

* There are in excess of 32, million Linux users who can make Donations to the Developers of Linux Distributions when they wish. By joining the SwissBorg Community, PulpKult will record donated investments, separate donations, and invest in BTC, ETH, and CHSB, the yield-bearing coin of SwissBorg.

* We will be opening 'Advice Posts' on Twitter, SwissBorg, Facebook and LinkedIn. With links to WhatsApp and Telegram for private conversations with us. (It's all very exciting!!!) 


The very best Distro for new Linux users.

* Fast, secure, fabulous UI's, (user interfaces) Touch-screen, Mouse, and many languages. 
* With thousands of Apps, Software, Programmes, and Utilities to choose from.

Instructions are for anyone wishing to Try Linux.

How to try Linux systems.

* You will need One USB flash drive. (Min 4GB capacity.)
* A download copy of a Linux Distro, ISO file. (See my How To below.)
* A download copy of "Rufus" for Windows.
* And finally, a working PC/Laptop running a Windows system.

I will show you 'How To create a "Live" copy of Linux Mint. So that you may try it and test it.

1.) Download the ISO file of the Distribution. eg.  
Linux Mint 21.3 Cinnamon.

Linux Mint can be downloaded from.......  HERE

I have used the 'mirror' download site from Harvard University. It is Secure.

2.) Check that you have the full download of the Linux Mint ISO file.
3.) Check the 'Rufus' download is done. (Rufus will not open until you double-click the downloaded icon.)
4.) Now. Place the USB flash drive into the PC/Laptop USB socket.
5.) Double-click the Rufus icon, which you have downloaded.

The opened Rufus looks like this.

Rufus USB utility.

6.) The Rufus website, explains what this utility does.
7.) Rufus will automatically find your USB flash drive.
8.) In the third space from the top 'select' the iso file for Linux Mint.
9.) Once you have the Linux Mint iso and USB set, click 'Start.'

When the pop-up boxes appear. Click OK...

* The ISO is now unpacking and loading onto the USB flash drive. 
(It takes only a few minutes.) 
When the progress line reaches across the bar, it is Done.
You can now click close.
That's all we need from Rufus. So we can now click it off.

* Remove the USB from the PC/Laptop.
* Shut down your PC/Laptop.

* We are about to install what is called a "Live version" of Linux Mint.
This means, simply, that the copy of Linux Mint will be run through the USB flash drive.

IMPORTANT. No data is installed on your device, or taken from it.

How To use a "Live Version" of Linux Mint.

* Replace the USB into the PC/Laptop socket.
* Be sure you know which "F" key opens your Boot Order...
* Most computers use F12 or F8. (If one doesn't work, try the other.)

* OK - Press your Power key to start the PC.  Press the F12 or F8 key as the PC starts.
* On-screen now should be your "Boot Menu."
* Select or highlight the "USB flash drive" that you're currently using. (Use up/down arrows on your keyboard.)
* Once you've selected the USB flash drive - Hit the ENTER key to activate the reboot.

* It takes only a few minutes to set up the 'Linux Live' version.

* NOW. - On your Screen is the "Start Page of Linux Mint."

REMEMBER.  Nothing you do from here on will change, or damage your PC/Laptop. Also, nothing will be kept, or saved on the USB flash drive.
The entire idea is to TEST Linux, play with it, and most of all - have fun. 
Try out the many items on the Menu.
Connect to your Internet, either by cable or WiFi. Then you can visit websites and inform yourself about other Linux Distros. 
Ask questions, and visit chat sites dealing with Linux Distributions...

Have fun:  After you have had all the fun you can handle. 
Be sure to Shut Down Linux Live by using the correct method of closing. ie. Go to the 'ShutDown icon' on the Menu; Click Shutdown.

* Instruction on-screen asks to Remove the USB drive: 
And press Enter. The device closes down.
Your Windows system will now start as normal.

That's it. 
I hope this helped you. 
If you need more advice, contact me with your questions.

Linux Mint Start Page.

Linux Mint Menu Open (Dark Mode)

Linux Mint 'Welcome Page. (Light Mode)

Linux Mint Multi-Tasking. (User Theme.)


I would like to show you Linux o/s.    

I realize that when I refer to an operating system, many people's eyes glaze over. Some fall asleep immediately, and others simply leave the room. Oh yes, I have experienced those responses my entire working life.

Allow me to oversimplify. An operating system (o/s) is the software that makes hardware work the way you expect it to on a computer, phone, tablet, or any other device.

*Windows 10, *Apple, and *Linux, are 'Operating Systems.'

  • Linux has many "systems"- 'possibilities' for the user to choose from. 
  • Those 'versions' are called "Distributions." (I will return to this subject later.) 
  • Important though, is that every Linux Version of choice runs off/with Vital software called the "Kernel." 
  • The kernel is the software heart of the operating system; upon which all 'Linux Distributions rely. It is the software that ensures your operating system uses the hardware and drivers on your computer correctly.

*A tad technical, but the above diagram shows where the 'kernel' lives.

Let's talk about Linux Distributions, = (*Distro).

There are literally dozens of distributions. This came about because the base (the code) of each Linux Distribution is FREE and available for anyone who wishes to, and has the skill, to change any part of the code, and/or how it works, to suit personal goals.
For example, Fred is a musician and only wants his computer to make music. Or, Joe is an accountant and works numbers and spreadsheets all day long, so he wants his computer mostly for that reason. 
Finally, Jill is a crazy gamer, all she wants is a computer that will give her the best "Gaming Bang" she can get.

Businesses, these guys want all of it. Functionality, security, speed, and stability. They do NOT want to be updating and/or losing time, files, or man-hours. Therefore, they have a special Linux version created - that suits their specific needs, which could also become a notable 'distribution' if others have similar needs, subject to their own alterations...

There is a website that lists the top 100 distributions. If you go to that website and look around, it gives you the opportunity to see for yourself the different distributions, how they work, and how they will perform as a system.

* You will notice, I hope, that I am keeping details as simple as possible. I know many of you will never have even heard of Linux. 
* Those that have, please, forgive me for overexplaining.


Let's take a look at some of the user-friendly and most used distributions.

 Each of the distros below has links to their home sites - if you go to each site you will be able to understand the differences between them.  


Linux Mint

LINUX Group Selfie...

Okay, that's quite enough for one day. I sincerely encourage you to look into using Linux as an operating system (o/s).

Later, I shall talk about how you can use BOTH Linux and Windows on the same PC, Laptop device. (Duel-Booting.)
Also, this means you have the option of running your files from OneDrive, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive, on your Linux operating system.

Exciting hey?

* Come back soon, and I'll show you some really cool things about Linux you may never have heard of, or thought possible.

"I'm just kidding." We won't get into this stuff for a while yet...


Take care... Best of luck.